Home Appliances

When everything becomes a thing!

Everything at home can now be controlled; from the washing machine, the fridge and the oven, up to the coffee machine. With smart touchscreens and remote controls or smartphones, each room is set up for every activity and for any device with an unlimited number of possibilities, and always tailored to personal preferences and needs.

Home appliances are used in the home in order to carry out various household tasks. Previously, their absence made housework very difficult and laborious. These appliances operate with electricity and the most common are the kitchen, the fridge, the washing machine, the iron, and the oven and so on.

The development of technology has introduced other types of home appliances such as computers which are connected to advanced automation systems in today's state-of-the-art homes.
With automation, it is possible to control all these groups of devices from one point (switch) and at the same time it enables a house to have intelligence, to think and perform automated and intelligent functions.

All devices are monitored during the user’s absence by using a computer or smartphone. Such devices offer multiple features which do not only provide comfort and security but also entertain the user.

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