iperaris Smart Automations joined the Piperaris Group of companies in September 2016. With the alliance of the world's largest and best global manufacturers of the market, Piperaris Smart Automations automates and co-ordinates the ability to control all the electrical-mechanical devices and other systems located in an area in a "smart" and simple way.

With experienced, certified and qualified personnel consisting of more than 40 persons and with a network of partners both in Cyprus and abroad, the company can provide a solution, even to the most demanding needs. It has 2 showrooms, a workshop, a management centre, warehouses for materials and accessories in Limassol and in Nicosia and serves the whole of Cyprus. With seriousness and responsibility, the company studies, designs and installs automation systems according to the needs of each customer individually.


The vision of Piperaris Smart Automations is to influence and make a difference, by giving extraordinary experiences and memories in the everyday lives of people.


With the alliance of the world's largest manufacturers such as URC, Eelectron, Fibaro, Crestron, Bose, Vivaldi, Cambridge Audio, Q Motion, Doorbird and others, Piperaris Smart Automations automates and coordinates the ability to control all devices which are located inside an area. It offers the user the opportunity to have absolute control over his space. The company can coordinate almost all connected systems in the area in order to create a personalized experience by using solutions that maximize comfort, serenity and entertainment. It upgrades and simplifies quality of life, it maximizes the level of security and dramatically contributes to reducing the operating costs of an area.

The products of the American company URC (our major partner) which have received significant distinctions and awards, work as an umbrella by linking the operation of all systems to a remote control or to one application (App), Smartphone and Tablet. It is worth mentioning that URC is successfully used in the White House, by Air Force One and in other important areas around the world, with a customer base that exceeds 100 million.
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The company's primary focus is on comfort, safety, entertainment, simplification and high quality of living with lower energy consumption.


KNX Partner
URC Univercity – Learn & Earn
Z-wave Certified Installer
Certified Crestron Programmer

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